Page 5 - BLI Annual Report 2016
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Adult FriendFinder
Records: 412,214,295 Type: Account Access Score: 10.0
Philippines’ Commission on Elections Records: 77,736,795
Type: Identity Theft Score: 9.8
Records: 40,000,000 Type: Identity Theft Score: 9.8
17 Media
Records: 30,000,000 Type: Identity Theft Score: 9.7
Daily Motion
Records: 85,000,000 Type: Account Access Score: 9.5
Records: 34,000,000 Type: Identity Theft Score: 9.4
Evony Gaming Company Records: 33,407,472 Type: Account Access Score: 9.4
The Internet-based, adult-oriented social network and online dating service was hit with an account access data breach by a malicious outsider that exposed over 400 million records. The breach scored the max of 10 on the risk assessment scale. The hacked database includes customers’ e-mail addresses, IP addresses last used to log-in to the site, and passwords, according to Ars Technica.
The data breach against the commission, an identity theft attack by a malicious outsider, resulted in the theft of 77.7 million records. The BLI score was 9.8. The breach appeared to contain millions of  ngerprint records, despite of cials claiming the leak did not include biometrics, according to Wired.
The adult-orientated Web site and social network experienced an identity theft breach by a malicious outsider that exposed 40 million records, earning it a BLI score of 9.8. The passwords and sexual preferences of users were put up for sale on the dark web, according to International Business Times.
The provider of an app for live streams and photos had an identity theft breach by a malicious outsider that exposed 30 million records, for a 9.7 BLI score. According to Motherboard, the data, advertised on the dark web, includes phone numbers,
IP addresses and details about users’ phone models.
The video sharing platform experienced an account access breach resulting in the theft of 85 million records, for a BLI score of 9.5. News site Bleeping Computer reported that based on samples it received and analyzed the stolen information included user IDs, emails and hashed passwords.
According to news reports, millions of people in the Kerala region of India had their data compromised. The incident has a BLI score of 9.4. 34 million Keralites were affected by the massive data leak of sensitive information such as income, name, date of birth and other personal identi able information.
Over 33 million gamers using the website Evony Gaming Company had their account information stolen. The account access attack resulted in a BLI score of 9.4

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