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The first six months of 2015 demonstrated that hackers continue to get past conventional perimeter security with relative ease, targeting nearly every industry and executing several high profile data breaches
that scored tens of millions of data records each. And, while Identity Theft remains one of the leading types of data breaches, the first half of 2015 has shown a shift in attack targets. For example, data records stolen from state-sponsored attacks rose dramatically compared to previous years and healthcare and government overtook
retail as the major sectors under siege with the number of compromised data records.
The 2015 First Half Review Key Findings According to the latest findings of the Breach Level Index produced by digital security company Gemalto, 888 data breaches occurred in the first half of 2015, compromising 245.9 million records worldwide. The number
of breaches was relatively flat compared with the last six months of 2014 (892) but increased by 10% compared to the 803 data breaches in first half of 2014.
A more dramatic decline was in the number of breached records which fell by 40% from the 414.8 million records breached in the first half of last year. There was an even greater drop (61%) in the number of breached records compared with the second half of 2014, which saw a total of 626.4 million records exposed.
One notable statistic is that for nearly 50% of the reported first half 2015 data breaches, the total number of data records that were compromised is unknown.
Large, headline-grabbing data breaches continue to expose massive amounts of stolen records. The biggest breach in the first half of this year, which scored a 10 on the Breach Level Index magnitude scale, was an identity theft attack on Anthem Insurance that exposed 78.8 million records. That attack represented one third (32%) of the total records exposed in the first half of 2015, and was highly publicized in part because it represented the first major state-sponsored cyber-attack
of several that occured in 2015.
Other notable breaches in the analysis period included a breach of 21 million records at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, with a Breach Level Index score of 9.7; a 50 million record breach at Turkey’s General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs with a score of 9.3; and
a 20 million record breach at Russia’s Topface with a score
of 9.2. The top 10 breaches accounted for 82% of all compromised records in the
first half of the year.
To create the Breach Level Index, Gemalto gathers extensive information about data breaches worldwide, using sources including Internet searches, news articles and analyses, and other resources.
The data is aggregated into
the Index where it is analyzed according to the number of breaches and data records lost and categorized by industry,
type of breach, source of breach, and tallied by country or region.

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